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Fading Zen Book 1 (Boyxboy) (Larry)

Fading Zen Book 1 (Boyxboy) (Larry)

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Dannie Ybarra By LemonSuccubus Completed

Fading: /fādiNG/  1. To gradually grow faint and disappear.

Zen:  /zEn/  1. A state of focus that incorporates a total togetherness of body and mind.

Book One of the Zen Series. 

Louis Tomlinson is a massage therapist who may appear to be the epitome of 'zen' on the outside, but couldn't be more the opposite on the inside.  He has never been great with relationships; and he's definitely never been with anyone like Harry Styles before.  Harry is a college student and athlete with a wild past of his own.  Their relationship has potential... If both of them can learn to properly deal with the demons of their past.

Warnings:  Smut. Experimentation with kinks. Language.  Repressed anger and depressive moments.  Mention of previous abusive relationship. Two instances of drug use and one instance of joking about rape.

I believe some chapters are on 'private', so make sure you're following me for the full/complete reading experience.  I DO NOT use Wattpad as my social media nor as a daily journal, so fear not the few and far between notifications that are sent out by me.

justalittlerain justalittlerain Aug 06, 2016
everyone is disappointed with Louis judgment while I'm over here like " YESSSS LEWIS. GET FUCKKED UP"
now_kiss_me_you_lou now_kiss_me_you_lou Sep 24, 2016
Me when the teacher asks me a question in front of the whole class
justalittlerain justalittlerain Aug 06, 2016
yo Louis's thoughts are my second favorite thing in this book. I think it's needless to say my first favorite thing is Gary.
cxstaway cxstaway Jul 17, 2016
my whole house smells like chlorine because my entire family are swimmers
vampsx1d vampsx1d Aug 09, 2016
Well my room's ceiling also has glow in the dark painted stars!
MidoriJai MidoriJai Jan 12, 2016
I always get told to do this when I'm having bad anxiety or something, but it always seems to make me more nervous, maybe it's just me?