Living With One Direction

Living With One Direction

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Ranya By Ranya114 Updated Mar 31, 2013

(Title used to be "One Month With Them")

Nicole is no ordinary girl. She is the number one super model. Blonde hair, blue eyes, skinny, and tall. She lives with her three famous best friends Victoria, Emily, and Emerald.

One day Nicole goes home from her modeling job and finds 5 sexy hot gorgeous boys in her room. To make it worse she in her bra and underwear when she first meet them.

Nicole never thought she would meet the guy that had broke her heart years ago when they were children. Will she still give him another chance.

One Direction went to California for one month and end up living with her and her 3 best friends. Good or Bad?

Then someone comes knocking on the door. Everyone thinks it's a fan of reporter, but it isn't. Its someone no ones, but Nicole knows.

Will love still be love even though he broke the most precious promise to her?

Each girl starts to develop strong feelings for one of the boys in the band, so what happens then?

Come on a journey with the girls and One Direction with love, lies, and action!

(Zayn Malik love story)


Cover by: @xxscaelett

Edited by @JAGKisaDaydreamAway

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elouisnur elouisnur May 26, 2013
My name is also nicole lee!!! Yayy and I'm also in love with one direction<3 wooooohooo xx
kikipower123 kikipower123 Mar 16, 2013
A bit short, and it was slightly dull how you just started off with explanation only, but your plot and use of words is good. I only thought that you should have incorporated the explanations into a scene where something is actually happening..
Ranya114 Ranya114 Mar 14, 2013
@MyMistakeIsYou Yeah a lot of people say that. May be i should delete it?
Ranya114 Ranya114 Mar 09, 2013
@KendrickSupnet Thanks. I have to give credit to my editor. Shes Awesome!
KendrickSupnet KendrickSupnet Mar 09, 2013
Well, I wouldn't describe my siblings' backround on the first chapter. I would rather spread them onto the following chapters. But the way you described them was awesome. You are good at that. And I think you should add more pages. It would look better, I thjink
- - Mar 08, 2013
Oh wow this just went in a completely different direction (lol get it?) than I thought it would go in. But other than that it seems like it's gonna be different than others so that's good. Plus it's a 1D fanfic and who doesn't love One Direction? :)