A Teacher's Intimacy (BWWM)

A Teacher's Intimacy (BWWM)

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Intimacy [in-tuh-muh-see] NOUN : 
1) close familiarity or friendship; closeness.
2) an intimate act, especially sexual intercourse.

A Human Sexuality Professor, Kristen Morgan, unintentionally begins an inappropriate relationship with her male student. She tries on many occasions, to ignore his flirtatious ways. Yet she just cannot seem to resist him. She's aware their relationship is wrong on many levels. For goodness sakes, she's married, older than him, and he's her student. Kristen soon realizes, that she has such a good time being around his presence.  He makes her happy, giving her a life she has never experienced before. Will their relationship continue on growing, or will it tumble down in wrong doing?

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Maggie_what Maggie_what Sep 04
Those are what PARENTS are for not husbands smh she ain't a teenager or child
That's alright. I'll just bleep out the cuss words in my head
Maggie_what Maggie_what Sep 05
If Justin Drew Bieber WINKED at me my boy shorts would be ruined 😂😂
Maggie_what Maggie_what Sep 04
😂😂 it reminds me of one time my sister said why don't you eat salads and I said oh you mean those things that are basically everywhere? THEY LEAVES BITCH I BREATHE THEM SO I DON'T NEED TO EAT THEM
Maggie_what Maggie_what Sep 04
Upper class? Oh hell no I'm hell class that's how low class I am
I don't understand this. Aren't these chapters already IN the book?