The Calling of the Marked

The Calling of the Marked

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R.L. Novak By novakiswriting Updated Jan 13

For as long as he could remember, Jak had a strange mark on his arm. He wasn't the only one in his village with a strange mark, so he never really gave it much thought. 
That was until the day the Stranger entered their village. Leading a procession of eerie soldiers, the Stranger sought those bearing the mark, and made it clear that he would have them at all costs. As the Stranger lingered, the mark changed; writhing and glowing on Jak's arm. He knew he to find out the meaning of this mark, and he had to leave his village, or all that he knew would be in peril.   

During a desperate flight, Jak must find out what is so important about this mark, why it seemed to be taking on a life of its own, and what became of the other villagers that bore similar marks.

Jak knew that unraveling the mysteries of the mark was going to be a race against time. If the it didn't kill him, the shadowy figures or the terrifying Stranger that sought him surely would.

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H_A_Hollins H_A_Hollins Mar 17, 2016
I found this story extremely intriguing. Just reading the summary pulled me in. The description is very nice as well. Your descriptive words just cascade into a wonderful picture. I like it...