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Chasing Wolves - Remus Lupin Love Story

Chasing Wolves - Remus Lupin Love Story

164K Reads 3.2K Votes 16 Part Story

Emma has just found out that she is a witch and is to attend Hogwarts. Her life takes a dramatic change when she meets the marauders and falls for the smarty, Remus. But she discovers his darkest secret, and is in danger of being harmed. Will she stay with Remus, or take the safe path?

Hey all.
This is an unedited version of the story. I am in the process of editing this story
The ending is now in my drafts so that I can change it, and make better. Thank you for reading Chasing Wolves!

  • harry
  • harrypotter
  • hogwarts
  • love
  • lupin
  • potter
  • remus
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  • werewolf