Taming The Devil (boyxboy)

Taming The Devil (boyxboy)

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AJ By DestroyMeSenorita Updated May 25, 2017

(English version)

Alexis Rodrigues

He's a simple Filipino-Spanish boy who was sent to Australia by his bastard uncle to finish his studies as written in his father's will. But despite of all the struggles in his life, he's a guy who loves to smile and always says that everything's gonna be alright.

Until he met him.

Lucas Santoro. An ex-convict Brazilian billionaire that can scare the shit out of anyone even only by his gaze and presence. No one dares to look into his eyes. No one dares to challenge him. No one dares to look down on him. No one dares to unfollow his orders. He never smiles. He never show any positive emotions. He's cold. He's cruel. He's like a devil they say.

"Dealing with him is like dealing with the devil. And taming him is an impossible thing to do!"

" ...W-Well maybe not."

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AmARainbow AmARainbow 3 days ago
No bruh 
                              Me too 
                              I believe in sex after marriage so imma save myself for that special someone 
                              And God forbid someone try's to rápe me they finna catch these motherfluffing hands okay bitch
He shoulda commented bout how they talking bout going to jail for ""molesting"" him, like 10 seconds ago
He should comment how bout 10 seconds ago they were taking bout going to jail for ""molesting"" him
SexyKenu SexyKenu Oct 31, 2017
They live in a fantasy world.   Relationships are work.  You habe to work at them to make them last.
PotatoJeff4848 PotatoJeff4848 Dec 12, 2017
Um Alexis, I'm pretty sure you're a grown man and can make your own decisions 😂
And in just one paragraph Im already luving with his aunt, god bless her soul