Taming The Devil (boyxboy)

Taming The Devil (boyxboy)

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Jun By DestroyMeSenorita Updated Dec 24, 2016

(English version)

Alexis Rodrigues

He's a simple Filipino-Spanish boy who was sent to Australia by his bastard uncle to finish his studies as written in his father's will. But despite of all the struggles in his life, he's a guy who loves to smile and always says that everything's gonna be alright.

Until he met him.

Lucas Santoro. An ex-convict Brazilian billionaire that can scare the shit out of anyone even only by his gaze and presence. No one dares to look into his eyes. No one dares to challenge him. No one dares to look down on him. No one dares to unfollow his orders. He never smiles. He never show any positive emotions. He's cold. He's cruel. He's like a devil they say.

"Dealing with him is like dealing with the devil. And taming him is an impossible thing to do!"

" ...W-Well maybe not."

Beautiful_Dirty_Rich Beautiful_Dirty_Rich Nov 23, 2016
I think I know what u mean but the way u worded it doesn't express it.
mrshorlikstylinson mrshorlikstylinson Nov 05, 2016
I'm confused is Babylon pronounced BABBY-LON or BAY-BE-LON cause where I'm from that word would be babby-lon
Eh I'm just happy if someone is even remotely interested in me. 😄
jinriexious jinriexious Feb 27
Dont let them affect your relationship wth god..atleast your different unlike the others blaming god why people bully them..