Discombobulated Love (EDITING)

Discombobulated Love (EDITING)

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Mo By JustMo_ Updated Jul 11, 2015

" Nobody will ever understand My Situation, so why explain it? Why converse about it? My best friend dont even know what to say!  She probably calling me a stupid bitch behind my back. My mind is fucked up, my heart is aching  and my body crave for his. I deserve better, he is better but we not in a better position. I asked him what is this that we are doing? He said this is come discombobulated Shit. " 

- Viola  Johnson 

Viola Johnson, 17 years old going on 18. who deals with a discombobulated relationship with somebody she been fantasizing to be with. And also real life situations. The fantasizing starts to become a nightmare in reality and in reality everything starts  to become A nightmare. She just wish she can wake up from everything and Say "Oh it was just a dream" ...

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Jakai__ Jakai__ Aug 19, 2016
That line "You always catch a attitude..." Hit me HARD because my mom holds a lot of resentment towards my father & she always tells me that when she gets mad 💔
ReganBoldenJamison ReganBoldenJamison May 26, 2016
I'm already in love this book to lit! Plus she remind me of myself
harmonyArnee harmonyArnee Oct 29, 2016
*Praying, but I like this so far and I don't even like reading
killakeke5 killakeke5 Mar 08, 2016
I just started reading this and i already love it. Keep doing you cause this book lit. I was wondering if you could go and check my book out and tell me what you think...
Mysterywriter1016 Mysterywriter1016 May 31, 2015
Wow!!! I am amazed with your writing !! You really inspire me!!! I'm putting everybody I know on 
_eugenia12 _eugenia12 May 08, 2015
I Can See You Saying This In One Of Your Videos, This Was Deep Asf. Keep Going It's Gone Be Greatm