- ON HIATUS -The Siren (A Young Justice Fanfiction)

- ON HIATUS -The Siren (A Young Justice Fanfiction)

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Ya Boi Kye By FutureWriter18 Updated Aug 31, 2016

When Robin, Aqualad and Kid Flash begin the Young Justice League, a fourth person is with them

The fourth member of the Young Justice League is the Siren, but most people just call her "Siren" because no one, save the Black Canary, the Green Arrow and Speedy/Roy/Red Arrow knows her true identity. 

Will she find love? Friendship? Hope?

Lilananer11 Lilananer11 Dec 30, 2016
... Robin x Zatana, Superboy x Megan, Kid Flash x Artemis, Aqualad x Rocket
MariaMedrano5 MariaMedrano5 May 03, 2016
I ship her and Aqualad, but I also already ship her and Superboy
Now I definitely ship it lol. Even thou that's just Kaldur being Kaldur such a gentleman
hetalia2003 hetalia2003 May 08, 2016
Wait if those were her parents how do they not know her identity???
Lol I love how we're like 3 pages in and already like "I ship it" to the first guy that smiles at her. I can totally see it thou
cursedpowers cursedpowers Mar 12, 2016
Wish there was a fanfic where the character left.
                              There will be now
                              *begins writing*