The Siren (A Young Justice Fanfiction)

The Siren (A Young Justice Fanfiction)

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Kye / Kristen ⚡️ By saturn__13 Updated Aug 23, 2017

When Robin, Aqualad and Kid Flash begin the Young Justice League, a fourth person is with them

The fourth member of the Young Justice League is the Siren, but most people just call her "Siren" because no one, save the Black Canary, the Green Arrow and Speedy/Roy/Red Arrow knows her true identity. 

Will she find love? Friendship? Hope?

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AwkwardPotatoKKK AwkwardPotatoKKK Dec 29, 2017
How does no one knows her identity since she has the same outfit as her mother??
                              And maybe if she looked a bit like Oliver it would be more realistic.
                              (In young justice she doesn’t have a mask)
                              This is just my opinion, I’m sorry
AlysyaCarren AlysyaCarren Mar 25, 2017
I don't get it, but isn't BC's name Dinah Lance? I'm confused. And isn't Drake Red Robin's last name?
hetalia2003 hetalia2003 May 08, 2016
Wait if those were her parents how do they not know her identity???
ella40462 ella40462 Jan 30, 2016
I like the way you started this story, just a reminder though Roy is not arrows soon
saturn__13 saturn__13 Jan 30, 2016
I know Roy isn't Green Arrow's son; I was just treating it as though he was a brother to her
AlphaNobility AlphaNobility Nov 07, 2015
... I literally just started a story like this... I didn't know it was like this one seeing as I have never read this story. Haha I guess great minds think alike!