Talk About My Man

Talk About My Man

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Catherine (AWOL) By kitykitcat Updated Jan 09

"Stop." An unbearable sob wracked through my body at the loathsome spectacle laid before my eyes.
      He chuckled darkly in reply and hiccuped, evidently drunk.
      "Stop what? Who I've become? All the unruly mess I've made?" He slurred, crouching down next to the man he slaughtered.
      "Oh, darling. Those actions are a little late to be undone." 
         • • •
          How could such a beautiful human being be such an arsehole? 
          That was one of the many questions that popped into Maddie's mind when she saw the difference between the man she helped in the alley, and the man who she witnessed had killed 'innocents'.
          Maddie moved to New York City, in hopes of forgetting the painful memories that were buried within her. Normal as she can ever be, that was where things pan out differently.
         The Capo of the most wanted and unstoppable Mafia organization knew Maddie's life was nowhere near ordinary; it was as tangled as a spider's web. Also not to mention that she was worth eighty billion in prize and almost every organization wanted to get their hands on her.
         Informed that her mother had operated with the Russians decades ago, Maddie was the only one that could fix her Mother's mistakes. It was simple;  get Maddie to finish signing the contracts, and untangle her from his life full of twisted complications.
        But he kept her for a bit too long to the point where the ruthless Mafia Capo started to feel. 

          • • •
      Talk About My Man © 2016 Kitykitcat   
    WARNING: (Recommended to 14+) This book contains mature content, strong language, violence and parts that may be uncomfortable to some readers.
    (Slowly) under major editing - LOTS & LOTS OF GRAMMATICAL ERRORS, READ AT YOUR OWN RISKS.

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kyla_autumn kyla_autumn Nov 27, 2016
Gosh, Vika Levina is the girl that cross my mind everytime I read a story on wattpad 🙌
radlilhippie__ radlilhippie__ Dec 29, 2016
This is the most attractive cast, please give me all male names