Fuckboy*Carl Gallagher*

Fuckboy*Carl Gallagher*

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Victoria P.O.V.

I woke up really unhappy today. Today is the day, where we are moving to Chicago. I ran to the bathroom before my older sister and brother can get in it I get in the shower and thought about everything... What I'm leaving here. I got out of the shower and hurried to my room so I can change to my clothes. The rest of my stuff have already been moved out of here. I put an Aztec print short, sleeve crop top, and a black skater skirt with my white vans. I run outside to see everyone waiting for me in the car. While I get in the car, I put my headphones on. I sigh. Next stop, Chicago.

~At Chicago~

As I walked out of the car and I started walking out of nowhere. I had no idea where I was going but, I was so mad that my mom was making me live with my dad that left us for a 25 year old. I rolled my eyes at the thought. I saw that I was at the park. I walked towards the swings. When I sit on the empty swing, I thought back when my dad use to live with us and let me say there ...

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