Alice in London(Black Butler x Reader)

Alice in London(Black Butler x Reader)

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Inokori_Sora By Inokori_Sora Updated Jul 25, 2015

(Y/N), a normal school girl who is an otaku was going to the sleepover at her friend's house. But when she get there, she doesn't see anyone home so she decide to wait for them by watching Black Butler. Then, she eventually fall a sleep and woke up in the world of supernatural!!!! (I say supernatural I don't mean Sam or Dean. Because the world of black butler is out of natural) Then, she meet Ciel, Sebastian, Alois and Claude.

Well, as the title say, 'Alice in London'. (Y/N) the Alice hunt for hot rabbits.

A/N: I'm not good at description so please read the story.

Pretty much me but my eyelids are naturally purple on top and underneath from insomnia and my skin is paler than death's XD I haven't seen sunlight in weeks!
Me except i got the lips of a goddess and I love looking legit on fleek and my eye are beautiful
alicebld alicebld Jun 12
I swear if you scream thath loud in frint of Alois I will kill you out of embarassment
Ida_belle Ida_belle Dec 14, 2015
In every fan-fic she gets kidnapped, plz don't let it happen in this.
Music-queen-Tori Music-queen-Tori Aug 17, 2015
I'd b like
                              me: *facepalms* I am a total idiot aren't I?
                              Claude: indeed you are