Forever and Always

Forever and Always

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"Harry, I'm pregnant." And in that one sentence his world was turned upside down.

Harry Styles has just been told he's about to become a father at the age of 18. Obviously, he doesn't take the news well but will he step up for his girlfriend of 5 years AND his new baby? Will he promise to love her? Cherish her? Care for her?

Forever and Always...?

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bluekiti103 bluekiti103 Feb 21, 2016
I am in love with one direction 
                              Don't get me started on how much I loooooove Harry Edward Styles
Princesss1941 Princesss1941 Apr 05, 2016
I looooooooooooooooove Harry Edward Styles and I have a huge crush on him.😀💖💖
lovehazzastyles4ever lovehazzastyles4ever May 14, 2014
I like troublemaker by illy murs. Ha autocorrect thought I meant nuts not murs.
teacuphumans teacuphumans Mar 05, 2014
I love this book. A lot of stories here make harry seem like the harry tabloids say he is. It's refreshing to see a different perspective. Lovely story.
idkgabby idkgabby Jan 26, 2014
Hey! Would it be ok if I used your characters? I'm writing a niall horan fanfic and I was wondering if i could use Mia and Jacob and everything.. like it was based around your fanfic kinda? ill be sure to say that its off of yours if thats ok! Thanks a lot!
Dakotabreeves0923 Dakotabreeves0923 Aug 15, 2013
I am a olly murs fan!!!!!!!! But motly Niall James horan and j.b. and Bruno mars and olly murs