Nerdy to Badass Werewolf [#Wattys2016]

Nerdy to Badass Werewolf [#Wattys2016]

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Someone named Amber By Amb3rmart1ns Completed

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Book 1 of Rejection Series
Skylar Maine was always bullied in her school for being a nerd. But she delt with it. Always keeping her head down. Never fighting back. 

Now that her brothers are the new Betas they must all leave and visit the Ancient Wolves. 

Skylar couldn't be happier. After her Alpha Mate rejected her, she wanted nothing more than to leave. Heck, she didn't even want a mate from the start. Knowing the outcome already. 

But when she returns, will she be the same? Will she let people walk all over her again?

Cover made by: Lorak_23
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There is no such things as 'popular' Or 'labels' people just make those up to make themselves feel better about who They are 😒
Dam at my school you'll get bullied and shii if you bully someone. NO ONE tolerates bullying here. And the 'nerds' can stand up for themselves. Actually we don't have those like cliche groups (jocks,geeks...) we all mix together
Never worn make up in my life.... cause I'm allergic to almost all make up invented. Still in puberty but I've only had a few pimples and a little clear acne on my nose, 😉
KellaPella KellaPella a day ago
Omg i can so relate to the make up part, i don't wear it bc i dont like the feeling of it on my face. It just feels like my skin can't breathe, i dont even own make up lol
CNBcorrine CNBcorrine Feb 06
I have a question, what does she look like the main character sorry i kinda forgot her name
mcallem mcallem 3 days ago
Never had any make up done on my face & I've existing for two decades so yeah...we're already clicking