Outcast (Ashton Irwin) ON HOLD

Outcast (Ashton Irwin) ON HOLD

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ash By bxndtxbers Updated Aug 23, 2015

"But she's a nerd" I said giving Tori a disgusted look "I'm more into blondes with huge boobs" I laughed.
"Do it...It will be funny" Michael laughed "We dare you" He added.
"If its a dare...Then fine i'll date the school nerd" I laughed and walked over to her.

Tori is the school nerd. A huge outcast towards society. She also only has a short life expectancy.

Then there's Ashton Irwin. Your cliche popular guy that has every girl throwing themselves at him. Everyone has a crush on him and let's out little squeals whenever he gives them a little look.

After he finds out the school nerd has had a crush on him for a while his friends decided to take advantage of this situation. They made a dare. 

He had three days to charm her. A week to get her on a date with him. And a month to get her into bed with him.

What can his 'little dare' lead to?

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lowkey_paranoiid lowkey_paranoiid May 15, 2017
'Mere so I can hopefully slap some common sense into you if that doesn't work um *looks around room* *sees water * *channels inner llama* I WILL THROW THIS WATER BOTTLE AT YOUR FACE AT LIGHTING SPEED. DON'T TEST ME
fangirlingirl11 fangirlingirl11 May 09, 2017
I thought Luke is the smartest. So Why asking her to do it instead?
Macbeth-845 Macbeth-845 Jul 23, 2016
cutiess tb to the memories of luke tlking bout liz being a maths teacher
-nonohemmo -nonohemmo Jul 13, 2016
Can we not? You were a dick to Victoria and now to everyone else. You really need to chill. (If you read her other fanfic and get this ily.)
- - Apr 04, 2016
Listen, if I'm sleeping with someone I'm not about to be letting another person sleep with him. Like, tf why do you need three ppl?!
5sosfam1304 5sosfam1304 Jan 02, 2016
I would want a school nerd because he would be nice and smart plus what if he is sexy af and turns into a completely different person in the bedroom sign me up for that kind of nerd please