pirates of the heart - nalu

pirates of the heart - nalu

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gay cunt By jeff_kaplan Updated Aug 22

A young girl lost in an abyss of the right and the wrongs begins her journey with a thought-to-be fearless pirate of the Fairy Tail crew who has his hidden fears.
On the run from the lying scum of rich and famous to help the poor from the depths of poverty, Lucy and Natsu begin their adventure across the sea of Fiore with the pirates of the heart.

A story of love, tragedy and discovering the true manor of the world.

(P.s. I wouldn't read this, I wrote it when I was 14. you've been warned)

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Dfly17 Dfly17 Jul 14
That bullet move reminds me of kirito from sword art online 2
Thats messed up does she father not care what happens to her
lila_strauss_23 lila_strauss_23 Aug 18, 2016
Is it weird that I read this in the narrator of Fairy Tail's voice?
JonThePogeon JonThePogeon Jun 01, 2016
SO GOOD LUB IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
LacieStrauss LacieStrauss Nov 30, 2016
If I were Lucy, I would pull off that act, while trying to untie my hands. And when I do, I'd punch them all out cold, then take them back to my father.
1Brieanna1 1Brieanna1 Dec 13, 2016
Hmmm, I don't know if you're looking for opinions, but I'll give you it. You should really space out the paragraphs and make it seem a little less muddled together. Other than that and several spelling annoyances, it's pretty good!