I need your love. •Pietro Maximoff•

I need your love. •Pietro Maximoff•

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A Pietro Maximoff/Quicksilver love story.

Have you sometimes felt ... different. Like you weren't normal. Aurora James has always found that people were judging her because she wasn't like them. She is beautiful but different. It's a good type of different but will she realise that? Or will he have to make her realise that for her?

Disclaimer: Obviously the Avengers film or its characters do not belong to me, unfortunately. *hugs myself and cries*

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spitfire6498 spitfire6498 Oct 13, 2017
I dub thee Pervertro 
                              Hehe get it?? Cuz it sounds like his name?? 
                              *cricket noise*
Ice_Girl7 Ice_Girl7 Aug 25, 2017
@Fyre_Raechi and @JaideneRylynn both stole what I was gonna say
KelsieIsaac KelsieIsaac Mar 25, 2017
I don't know why but 99% of the stories I read with the avengers the girl almost always has the power to control the elements
Falcon_4_ever Falcon_4_ever Apr 18, 2017
Ahum the falcon never fangirls
                              EEEEEK O MY FÜCKIN GOD YASSS
Did you know that this is actually precisely me like am considered smart by other people and I get picked on for it and my mum tells me they’re jealous everyone says that but I know I’m just not liked😔
Yes you can. It's okay we all do it sometimes just make sure he doesn't catch you