I need your love. •Pietro Maximoff•

I need your love. •Pietro Maximoff•

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A Pietro Maximoff/Quicksilver love story.

Have you sometimes felt ... different. Like you weren't normal. Aurora James has always found that people were judging her because she wasn't like them. She is beautiful but different. It's a good type of different but will she realise that? Or will he have to make her realise that for her?

Disclaimer: Obviously the Avengers film or its characters do not belong to me, unfortunately. *hugs myself and cries*

Wolfy-Queen Wolfy-Queen Jun 08
Snap out of it girl! No matter how hot Quicksilver is, you need to stay focused!
Wolfy-Queen Wolfy-Queen Jun 08
*Wakes up* Wha- *sees the kiss on the forehead* never mind *passes out again.
Wait, I thought cap was the human torch?
                              They look the same.
                              SHÎT *Faints*
But he was wearing a black jacket. But then again does it matter
Seriously.....you add Vampire Diaries into this?? XDXD I LOVE YOU!!