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I am Lucian

I am Lucian

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Jay By DestroyedConscience Updated Jan 30

Percy Jackson is dead. He left long ago. Betrayed by those he thought dearest of. Cheated on. Accused of things he has not done. He is sentenced to death but is saved by an unlikely being, Chaos himself, Creator of the Universe. 5,000Chaos years later (500 earth years) He is not Percy Jackson anymore. Now, he is the second most powerful being of the universe, Prince of the Galaxies and Head Commander of Chaos' Army. He is Lucian.

Poseidon, you are no longer any father of mine! How could you do that to Percy?😭
Poseidon, as Princess of the universe, I officially ground you for the rest of your life
BookyBeatle BookyBeatle Sep 19, 2016
What The FÜCK! He fūcking fought WITH you in the war!!! And every war you've assigned him! His fatal flaw is LOYALTY you bïtches!
ThatGerlNamedTwat ThatGerlNamedTwat Dec 03, 2016
You used the semi-colon in a wrong way. A semi-colon is to join two sentences into one, I think you meant the 'colon.'
                              "Perseus Jackson, we hereby declare you: guilty."
                              "Your sentence: Death."
                              You use colons to list someone, or something.
                              I'm your grammar book.
Percyeverafters5667 Percyeverafters5667 Aug 31, 2016
I feel like the only person who didn't vote was Zeus and he was like nah your still dead
KikaXIII KikaXIII May 05, 2015
(To the tune of "Row, row, row your boat") 
                              Write, write, write your story,
                              Quickly as you can!
                              Write it, write it, write it, write it,
                              I want to read it now!