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16 Reasons Why I Hate Kim Taehyung

16 Reasons Why I Hate Kim Taehyung

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jirae ✔ By taekook-ish Completed

I hate that I love you.

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here4v here4v Apr 20, 2016
Wow great story, loving the characters! If you like stories like this you should check out mine!
kagayla kagayla Dec 21, 2016
I have a classmate like Taetae. 😂😂 every time a student or students passing by she is saying 'HI' 'HELLO' 'HOW ARE YOU?' I'M RC' wtf 😂😂
irdkmaddie irdkmaddie Dec 02, 2016
confession: me and my friends decided to be cringey af and choose our own korean names... and i ended up with Minjoo
taekook_dumpsite taekook_dumpsite Nov 27, 2016
Let's all be honest who wouldn't confess to this little ball of fluff?
LackadaisicalPerson LackadaisicalPerson Feb 28, 2016
I was so scared at first lol, I've been commenting on some youtube videos of theirs and never saw one hate comment so this would be the first
HyungSeok_Wife HyungSeok_Wife Dec 31, 2016
Haha. I didn't thought that i was as idiot as an IDIOT when i say hi or hello to everyone. Like, FEELING CLOSE."FC"
                              Hahahaha.😂 But i love it when it's V oppa who is being FC. Hahaha😂😄 suits him well. So CUTE😍😍😙😘