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Bullied by the Dolans

Bullied by the Dolans

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trappin dani 🛐 ✨ By simplydaani Completed

This is the story about Katherine Fayee Roberts. Who prefers to be called Kate. Kate's been bullied ever since High School started. Kate has self esteem problems, she's thinks she's not good enough. especially when Ethan Dolan and Grayson Dolan, known as the Dolan Twins are her main bullies, but what happens when, Ethan slowly starts to fall for Katherine, but then Grayson does too. Will Kate fall for one of them, or for both?



heyitsbeca heyitsbeca Dec 15, 2016
Hey bitches ever heard of karma well u will when it bites u in the ass😙
BellaNatasha96 BellaNatasha96 Oct 26, 2016
Pretty sure it was supposed to say first day of the last year :) oh and I'm kinda glad she has the same features as me so I can imagine it easier
Omg my aunt (she is 14) got on a app and gave a little info to some one and they started saying they were going to hurt us.... don't talk to strangers we blocked him and deleted the app... my uncle (16) told an adult and we have it taken care of
EthanDolanFanFics EthanDolanFanFics Oct 16, 2016
omg i imagined ppl getting up, puting birthday hats on, someone blasting music and the whole class gettin lit why am i like this
EthanDolanFanFics EthanDolanFanFics Oct 16, 2016
me: i just got thrown in a trash can by the terror twins shut the hell up you piece of bread
LaceyDolan LaceyDolan Jan 18
When it said brunette hair with blonde streaks and blue eyes that is exactly what I look like and the I'm the definition of ugly I didn't know wether to laugh or cry jahahah