My human Mate

My human Mate

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Amari By GeekChic34536 Completed

"Hey what's your problem guy?" I said looking at the most sexiest guy I have ever seen in my life. He was really tall with sexy green eyes that felt like they were staring into my soul.

"Mine!" The sexy stranger said growling a bit still angry. Wait growl wait mine what the h e double hockey sticks. No words managed to leave my lips as he stood  staring at me

Katy is human Lucas is werewolf. When Lucas meets Katy at a club and kidnaps her do they live happily ever after ?

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Star_Paved_Dreams Star_Paved_Dreams Oct 01, 2017
So their children will be giants??? That sounds horrifying to my short self
supercow97 supercow97 Feb 11
I like the first chapter but it should be “I have an eight pack” and and hated should be hate
WhiteWolf525 WhiteWolf525 Sep 02, 2017
Bru shut up women have needs too but they don't limit themselves to one boy a week and if I was your mate then you can forget about me
When you say werewolf do you mean an Amangi (control of weither or not if they change and are more wolf like) or and ACTUAL werewolf (where they can't control their transformations and are more human like)
Thank the lord it’s not moon do u know how many werewolf books have dark moon as a pack?
wakemeupat10 wakemeupat10 Nov 15, 2017
Are we talking One Direction Zayn Malik hair or Dusk till Dawn hair?