Be With You

Be With You

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Janice Martana By fourlocks Completed

Chanyeol is the most popular guy at school. He really likes to date girls and skip classes. He really like to annoy people but people still love him. He got the look , the brain and the talent. Everyone said he's perfect but the truth he doesnt!

Candice is an average girl. Just normal. She likes to read romance novels and watch kDrama. She's a little nerdy but not a real nerd. She just wear big glasses and baggy pants and shirts. She's plain. She hates playboy by the way so she doesn't like Chanyeol that much.

One day , their parent agree to Arrange Marriage between Chanyeol and Candice. Its not a good idea! What will happen next?

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                              I love spongebob!!!
InndahMs InndahMs May 17, 2017
CHANYEOL HAS A PRECIOUS DIMPLES BTW,  why are you so easy rrrrr
kookie01aj kookie01aj Aug 05, 2017
Lololol good job author nim!
cbxnsnrjnx cbxnsnrjnx Apr 15, 2017
언니, 너는 헉시 한국 사람 입니까? 죄송해요, 저는 한국어를 저금 할 수 있읍니다 ㅠㅠ
SaeRonCha3325 SaeRonCha3325 Apr 27, 2017
I can read it but I I don't understand the only thing I understand is oh my gosh
jibootae_ jibootae_ Aug 01, 2017
yes girl ditch those glasses it's time to make chan fall in love with you at first sight... unless he already was... oHmYLoRdJiSoOs