Her Babies Daddy [Daddy!Levi X Mommy!Reader] AU

Her Babies Daddy [Daddy!Levi X Mommy!Reader] AU

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xXYuuki HikariXx By yuukihikari8299 Updated Sep 21, 2016

You and Levi were a happy couple until one day, Levi suddenly broke it off with you without reason. You realised that you were pregnant with his child but when you confront to him about it, he denies that the baby was his. Broken hearted, you vow to never let him any where near the baby and won't let him take any custody when he realises that the baby was his.

Three years later, when a picture of you and your children (twins) went to public, Levi can not deny the obvious similarity between the kids and him. So he tried to be involved in the kids life but you refused it as you were still hurt by his actions.

Can Levi changes your mind on letting him in the kids life? Will you forgive him? More importantly, what causes Levi to broke it off with you? Read more to find out!


A/N : yup, I finally decided to give title to my story.. Reader is 18+ (about 24, Levi is 29).. Reader was pregnant when she's 21.. if you have any questions about my story, you can send me a pm..

Hell naw! These *points too kids* are mine! Anyways they have a new dad named Dean Winchester and an uncle named Sam Winchester
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Good take of your children yourself and don't let them near to Levi
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