The Assassin's Flaw

The Assassin's Flaw

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Prince Memo By memo-ruru Updated Nov 21, 2018

He's not normal. He's a product of science; an engineered soul within an engineered body. He is not a creation of God; he is only a product of man's insatiable greed for power. And he is created for one purpose: to kill without mercy.
He was created to not feel the burning pain of wounds or the dull aches of bruises nor the heavy emotions of a human. He was made to withstand a nuclear explosion.
Yes, he is the perfect killing machine. The perfect assassin indeed. 

That's what he's told. 

But there is one mistake his creators overlooked: inside his unfeeling body is a human's beating heart.

Now, disguised as a student, he entered the school to carry his objective. He knew he'd complete the mission flawlessly but what he didn't expect were the new things that came with letting his subject come close to him.

Read the story and find out how Killing Machine Naruto's past reveal itself and follow his journey towards experiencing the things human calls 'emotions'. And why does he have a human heart?

"What is this? Why do I feel?"
"Why is my heart clenching in pain? Why am I in pain?"

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