Made The Playboy Fall In Love (Vmin)

Made The Playboy Fall In Love (Vmin)

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~`, bungee gum `,~ By saywhatYOUWANNASAY55 Updated Apr 02, 2016

Jimin and Taehyung had lived together for almost about a year now. They're in their Sophomore year in College and they are bound to meet new friends, new enemies, and new problems in their relationship.

SEQUEL TO HOW TO MAKE THE PLAYBOY FALL IN LOVE, so I suggest reading that first!


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deniedhxppiness deniedhxppiness May 21, 2016
Sweet baby jesus. If he ate frosted flakes from his mouth that should still taste good.
Okeyi hold up stop this really fuckin quick...
                              Did he just eat the cereal out of his mouth.... 
                              Wait on sec that is nasty what happens if he didn't brush his teeth?
jispired jispired Aug 06, 2015
I try to imagine that and make is cute as possible but all I could see is .. ugh you don't wanna know ...
jispired jispired Aug 06, 2015
I'd probably die before college starts. I'm not responsible. I cant handle anything.
cheejicake cheejicake May 10, 2015
yayyy sequel~ can't wait to read this ^^ the prologue was .. fun haha xD
AlienV_4D AlienV_4D May 10, 2015
hahaha author what have you done.... are you mot in a proper state of mind or your just crazy?? XD just kidding.... hahehe it's too much for me to handle.... early in the morning and first day of school aswell.... Wow just Wow