Hero of Mine (SkyDoesMinecraft × Reader)

Hero of Mine (SkyDoesMinecraft × Reader)

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-AJ/Ady/Bean- By AdyWrites13 Updated Jun 08

{Summary & Description Updated on 3 / 22 / 17}

No one knew this was coming - no one really did. Not even you, yourself, knew what was coming. All you wanted was just to escape his grasp on you.  So you did.

You were able to escape his kingdom, but you weren't able to fully escape his grasp on you - you weren't capable yet. You just end up running through a forest, afraid and unsure of what was in it - you just continued to run and hid when you knew there were some creatures hunting for you. 

Once you've hid, you meet this one certain person, who you would never thought of as more than another King. His name? Sky.  A simple and easy-to-remember name - but you didn't think that it would be a name that you would remember forevermore. 

He was a 'Hero of Yours'.

- - -

Credits to the artist of the book cover. (Whoever they are.)
Also, I know that this book takes place in a very, very, VERY, long time ago. (By that very, very, very long time ago I mean during the time where TC was still going.) So, let this book be a refreshment of those funny and good times of the team :3

Well, TYSM for reading this book and hope you'll love/like it!

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SoccerBacca360 SoccerBacca360 Jul 18, 2016
Sorry but I'm a huge fan of Jerome. It's actually JeromeASF.
Mapletreelover989 Mapletreelover989 Jul 27, 2016
Ok so when I thought about this book I could not find it because I saved a bunch of someone x reader and thanks to you author I found it thanks again
Thekiwoo Thekiwoo Nov 25, 2016
When ever i see "after every sip from his cup" I think he's drinking from a sippy cup
Tori_Does_Writing Tori_Does_Writing Oct 26, 2016
                              HOW DID YOU GET IN MY HOUSE!
                              He shrugs.
                              -_- It's cool! But why do Youtubers do this to me? 
                              "I don't know."
xX_FaithIsHere_Xx xX_FaithIsHere_Xx Jul 19, 2016