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I ran.

          I could hear him chasing after me, screaming my name but I didn't dare turn around. 

          It was too late now I couldn't stop. I knew what would happen if I did. I pushed my legs harder weaving through the branches. My vision was blurred and all I could see around me were trees. The rough leaves scratched against my skin as I ran. My broken ankle was preventing me from going faster and I could feel him gaining on me. 


          This was all a sick game to him. A sick game of cat and mouse. I was his plaything, his favorite plaything. His to play with until it broke. I knew I was damaged beyond repair but I couldn't go back to him. I had to run. I would either survive and return to my family, or die out here. 

          It was getting darker and I couldn't see much. The sound of leaves crunching filled the air and my labored breathing could be heard from a mile away. He was stronger than me and a lot faster. This is what he was good at. He loved the chase. 

          I could hear him getting closer so I pumped my legs as hard as I could, hoping there was a chance. That's what was getting me through this. 


          Hope that I could one day get back home. Return to my beautiful family, my safe place. Things were different now. Home would never be the same. I would never be the same.

          I felt him before I heard him.



*Warning: Graphic Content*

I would've winced and said "Gee Ryder, I wish I could say the same to you!" 🙃
Her name is so cute!! But it keeps reminding me kitty from that 70's show 😬
tamlaura1 tamlaura1 Oct 18, 2016
baby I'm loving it, well written and interesting, what can I say, it's good, you know that from looking at your votes and reads, I do reads for reads if you're interested
Sexy_egglover Sexy_egglover Oct 18, 2016
Im 5'1 my doctor said im staying like that until im probably 16...and if i dont grow ill stay 5'1 im 13..
tamlaura1 tamlaura1 Oct 18, 2016
@ellenthemelon97 which ever one you want, some are real steamy others are more romance, your choice hon.,
missy-cat missy-cat Nov 19, 2016
I find the name Kitty so cute but it definitely can get a bit awkward at times