The Van Helsing Legacy: We Shall Not Sleep [SAMPLE]

The Van Helsing Legacy: We Shall Not Sleep [SAMPLE]

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M.R. Graham By MRGraham Updated Dec 25, 2017

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The Great War is over. The guns are silent. The fires are quenched.
The Dead are waking.
Meg van Helsing grew up with a crucifix in one hand and a wooden stake in the other, her nose forever in a book. With the survivors and children of the band that killed Dracula, she keeps the south of England safe from the un-dead and never thinks twice about decapitating a revenant. The ghost of the War looms darker than Dracula's shadow.
Until the night Quincey Harker disappears.
Suddenly, her friends are under attack from all sides, beset by the blood-hungry corpses of un-dead soldiers, as another monster appears in their midst: an incubus, lethally attractive. The young man needs help, and Meg doesn't want to believe he is sending the attacks. If only she could convince them she is immune to his spell.
Someone wants the Dracula gang dead at all costs. The answer lies in old magic, blood sorcery, and a secret kept for twenty-five years. If Meg wants her friends to live, she'll have to open her eyes.

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In the name of the Father, of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit? Is that Latin?
TEHauxwell TEHauxwell Feb 25
An intriguing opening that builds up to a great hook for the next chapter.
Hi my names ausariah how are you?😊 do you mind or care to vote or comment your thoughts about my published chapter's? I do understand if you aren't interested.
I learned about the poem for remembrance day in my elementary school
cbc015023 cbc015023 Aug 21
I love this poem so much ever since I learnt it for my anthology