Sex Tutor (A Camila Cabello Story)

Sex Tutor (A Camila Cabello Story)

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"Hey, what's up Mila?" Dinah asked sitting next to me at the table in lunch. 

"Nothing much D-mac, same old same old". I said taking a bite of my pizza. Dinah shook her head at my bad table manners and continued talking.

"You seriously need to date Mila, I don't know why you're so scared". She said as Lauren, Ally and Normani joined us. 

"I swear he was checking her out!" Normani said to Lauren as Ally blushed.

"Uh-oh, someone's got little Mama bear all hot. Who is it?" Dinah asked smirking at Ally, who gave her a death glare in return.

"Troy Ogletree". Lauren answered nodding her head in Troy's direction. He saw us all staring and waved, winking at Ally who blushed into her parties potatoes. 

"Um Ally, you got some stuff on your face". I said trying to contain my laughter at the older girl's nervousness.

"Jesus, they're animals!" Normani said looking at the girls basketball team, who were currently engaged in a play fight over God knows what.

"They ...

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pauly_ups pauly_ups Apr 20
How do you  pronounce "Camilla"? Because I pronounce Camila like Ca-mee-la
Wtf. Was that high school musical, co I saw foetus zac efron
Canola_Kabayo Canola_Kabayo Aug 28, 2016
Yeah, I play basketball like that too, Oh wait I don't, Noone does!
Errrr. Is this normal? Just going up to girls asking if they wanted a sex tutor. I'm so confused
Canola_Kabayo Canola_Kabayo Aug 28, 2016
Like I find logical to be her sex teacher but what it stopes me is Dinah 😂😂😂
unknown_bias unknown_bias Jul 09, 2015
Gonzales is my last name and Julia is like Jiela which is my first name... Wow BAHAHAHAHA