Avengers x Baby!Reader

Avengers x Baby!Reader

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(Y/N)=Your Name
*This is based off of Avengers: Age of Ultron but Bruce never left and Pietro isn't dead!! Cuz I love them too much!*

Natasha had finally got together with Bruce. They have gotten married a year after that huge fight with Ultron. The two have talked about kids. It was a fairly sensitive topic, due to Bruce worrying about the "big guy". Natasha has tried to convince him to at least adopt one, but he always refused. But Natasha gets what she wants.

Bruce came home to their little apartment one night. "Natasha, I'm home honey." He called out as he put his coat on the rack. "I'm in here." Natasha called from there bedroom. Bruce put down his bag and walked into their room only to be greeted by Natasha holding a baby. "Nat! W-what?! Where did you get the baby!"
"Her name is (Y/N)."
"Where did you get (Y/N)?!"
"I adopted her. Today."
"And you didn't tell me!?"
"Bruce calm down."
"I had no choice! She was sleeping behind a dumpster!" She said sudd...

lethe_fish_swim lethe_fish_swim Nov 17, 2016
Sounds like my mom and a faze from my dad saying
                              Happy wife happy life
MayciHudson MayciHudson Oct 31, 2016
This is hilarious, I've got Nat's red hair and Bruce's brown eyes. Not even joking, I can literally be their child
LancasterTherrinroul LancasterTherrinroul Dec 09, 2016
                              I was premature and looked like a pink, wrinkly alien
SpanisRose66 SpanisRose66 Dec 16, 2016
I was premature and jaundice. I was yellow, but also went blue and purple 'cause I kept wiggling out of my blanket
DontWakeTheMoon DontWakeTheMoon Nov 06, 2016
I'm a baby with one red eye and blue eye I'm also the most kawaii pancake give me candy
LancasterTherrinroul LancasterTherrinroul Dec 09, 2016
"Always gets what she wants"
                              Practicality every woman ever XD