Lovesick Baker (Destiel Fanfic)

Lovesick Baker (Destiel Fanfic)

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Jessica By Fangirling_FTW_ Completed

When you get told not to do something, you desperately want it, no matter what they said.
When you fall in love at first sight, you convince yourself it's not real and move on.
When you finally let it go, you'll find it's because you're holding on too tight to something else.
When they say I love you for the first time, you realize it was all worth it.

AU Fic where Castiel and Charlie own an internet cafe, and Dean, the local bad boy who's been gone for a year and a half rolls back into town.

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ItsNati25 ItsNati25 Oct 21, 2017
“Charlie, it’s my face, what are you talking about?” Cas speaking. 
                              “It’s not my face. It’s my vessel, his reaction is quite not what you expected.” Castiel speaking.
Nerdy_n_Proud Nerdy_n_Proud Nov 24, 2017
You guys should have seen the disgusted look on my face after he said pear
ItsNati25 ItsNati25 Oct 21, 2017
“Better than sëx” 
                              Wait til you get it on with him. You gonna choose him instead of pie
Sorry that was just the first thought when I saw "Dean is not Straight"
ItsNati25 ItsNati25 Oct 21, 2017
I miss Charlie. 
                              Omg, if I did, I would’ve sent a video on social media with the caption “When Charlie left Supernatural” 😭😭😭💔
xlaheyy xlaheyy Aug 25, 2017
reading this again bc i have no life and i can't find any more fanfics:')