You're Early [ManxBoy]

You're Early [ManxBoy]

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"I'm back bitches!!!"

I used to be late to his class all the time back then. I'd love to see the fire behind his green eyes whenever they landed on me.

And when he said those two words that lit me up like a pack of fireworks, I did everything in my will to get him. Now that I've got him, I'm never letting him go.

"Mr. Smith?" My eyes instantly snapped up to meet those same green orbs that narrowed at me in suspicion. 


He eyed me for awhile and checked the clock on the wall that hung above the door. Smirking to himself, he stood up from his seat and approached me until he was towering right over me.

"You're Early."

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DarkSheik DarkSheik Jul 13
The most I've done is spend the day at the mall getting coffee and a new hoodie.
corinneaf corinneaf Sep 18
And...I thought you were a damn teacher and you don't know water has a flavor!
angelcolts angelcolts Aug 19, 2016
I'm actually expecting that his dick was hanging out or somethin
CynthiaRomero8 CynthiaRomero8 May 12, 2016
How is she in pajamas in bed then he goes down the hall to detention...
QuartzKiro QuartzKiro Dec 31, 2016
It does!
                              Ermergerd! My and my bf fight like this all the time about water