Get Off Of My Back

Get Off Of My Back

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Shay Lynn By VampireGirl1801 Updated Mar 12

None of us remember how good a family is until they are gone. I had to figure this out for myself when my herd was attacked. Nothing was left but a tiny filly with a butterscotch colored coat.

I saw it all even though my mother had just given birth to me. Large wolves attacked everyone without warning and I couldn't do anything but lay still.

Seventeen years I grew up with no one to care for me so I learned to care for myself. No one knew I survived and I kept it that way. Even if I was to be broken, I never let that happen.

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Spirit is the best movie ever and that is my favorite part of is hilarious
kfeasel13 kfeasel13 Jun 19, 2017
I trained my own horse. He was just like spirit. He was unpredictable and didn't know how to behave. He is 15.5 hands and his half brother ( which I also own) is 16.5 hands. I trained both of them. Now they are both well behaved horses, and anyone can ride them.
DawnDaDear DawnDaDear Nov 17, 2017
In the description it calls her a pony. Not a Clydesdale! XD
o0CaptainAmerica0o o0CaptainAmerica0o Oct 08, 2017
I own and train a 21 hands tall horse with a shining black coat. Her name is Lizza. She is a race horse and can run up to 94 MPH. She's a great horse and won many metals.  Also I love Spirit!!
This is dark humor, but I guess now she's a blood bay.... I'll go home.
DueSouthWest DueSouthWest Jun 07, 2017
When I looked at the title the first thing that popped into my head was Spirit.