Get Off Of My Back

Get Off Of My Back

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Shay Lynn By VampireGirl1801 Updated Jan 02

None of us remember how good a family is until they are gone. I had to figure this out for myself when my herd was attacked. Nothing was left but a tiny filly with a butterscotch colored coat.

I saw it all even though my mother had just given birth to me. Large wolves attacked everyone without warning and I couldn't do anything but lay still.

Seventeen years I grew up with no one to care for me so I learned to care for myself. No one knew I survived and I kept it that way. Even if I was to be broken, I never let that happen.

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claireroisin claireroisin Feb 02, 2016
That's my favourite movie of all time! That clip always makes me laugh!
_staryeyed_ _staryeyed_ 33 minutes ago
18 hand size!!! She a large horse!!!! And sounds beautiful  too
neverwillbefamous neverwillbefamous Jun 03, 2016
Pretty sure you meant shyly but no biggie happens to everyone
inesrappa inesrappa Mar 15, 2016
Pero si quieres seguir, algo te voy a decir
                              No ya dejame en paz,
                              no vas a triunfar,
                              No debes pensar que me vas a domar, 
                              Ya dejame ir,
                              Que mas vas a hacer?
                              Yo creo que ya debes comprender y dejame en paz
                              Sorry, I don't know the song in english xD
YoungAuthor4 YoungAuthor4 Jul 28, 2016
Love the  story so far! and Spirit is an amazing movie I adore that you connected the two stories!
Chaos9 Chaos9 Jan 05
I absolutely love Spirit- Stallion of the Cimmerian!
                              Its one of my fav movies!