Snapped. ||L.S

Snapped. ||L.S

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Alright. By tomlinslay Updated Aug 17, 2017

Louis is a new student.

Harry has a past, and he's severely bipolar.

Louis's new friends caused Harry to change.

but Louis doesn't know that.

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Scra1534qd Scra1534qd Jun 10, 2017
Liam! I didn't teach you this! Don't take your insecurities out on other people!
takeachoncejish takeachoncejish Apr 15, 2017
The fuq you say?
                              Excuse me, repeat his name again and see what happens
yaoi_onigiri1234 yaoi_onigiri1234 Dec 28, 2016
I freaking thought that Louis was the nerd because most fanfics have Louis as the bullied boy or nerd while Harry will be the popular, Jock boy...
HarrehTheFrog HarrehTheFrog Nov 23, 2016
Isn't he wonderful
                              Isn't he precious 
                              Less than one minute old
                              An ii never thought through we'd be,
                              Meeting one as lovely as he
                              Isn't he lovely made from love
jord-gubbe jord-gubbe Jan 07, 2017
okey it has to be cuz that That Guy (assumw it's harry) know Niall in the first charter so that must have Been harry's pov and now it's Louises
LSFreak15 LSFreak15 Nov 15, 2015
Even though zayn isn't in 1D anymore I'll still ship ziam.
                              I LOVE ZIAM!!!