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❤Toto Africa❤ By Star_born Completed

Before You read any Further... Please Note that, This book is as confused as the writer, I only wrote this book just for the fun of it, so it might or might not make anysense but I've gotten over 100k reads so may be it does make if you decide to read, hope u'll enjoy.  

Who knew Beasts Could be as "beautiful" as Yusuf?

And who knew beautiful Girls could be as crazy as Maryam?

He's her Beast and she's  His little loony!

Description? totally not my thing kindly read the intro part!

Spiritual #1 9/10/2015

- - Jul 07, 2016
THAT'S MY NAME !!!!! It's not every you c or hear the name Maryam( except mine is spelled Mariame)
Miss_Painite Miss_Painite Nov 03, 2015
I don't vote or comment it simply means the book isnt interesting
leonieandrews leonieandrews Oct 24, 2015
I usually vote but I not one to comment unless I'm reading and enjoying then I ask for updates with a please if I don't like after the fourth chapter I just delete and start a new book
KjLeonardo KjLeonardo Oct 13, 2015
i adore the way you started your story. :) and also the restrictions and corrections for your readers :) not so rude but adorable.
chocfudgeO chocfudgeO Oct 11, 2015
You sound like a lot of fun :) I Loled at the oxford graduates thing. Totally understand your pain concerning the grammar nazis xD Just enjoy the story, dudes. :)
Nura18A Nura18A Oct 07, 2015
I don't get it.  Are you planning to change up the whole story order?