It Led to...

It Led to...

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Shanjida.xo By chickflick224 Completed


Meghan Tresca.
She's fun, sweet and beautiful, and the definition of a good girl.

Chase Carter.
He's arrogant, conceited and hot, and the epitome of a bad boy.

They both hate each others guts.

What will happen when they just so coincidentally have to work on a play together.

Calling each other nicknames, going to each others houses, having fights, even having some weird romantic moments together.......

What will this story lead to?

  • actors
  • badboy
  • meangirl
  • romance
  • teasing
Rose181716 Rose181716 Jul 12, 2017
Thank you for the warning^, really. I would've blown up your feed with corrections 😂
MintyNFresh MintyNFresh Mar 14, 2017
Yeah my school starts when you wake up,sweety, I think I win XD ( You is a lucky hoe remember that )
AnnVu2 AnnVu2 Apr 26, 2017
My school starts early at 6:30, but I'm not complaining. I got used to waking up at that time. At least I get out early than most school. My last class ends at 1pm.
syrupwaifu syrupwaifu May 29, 2016
MY SCHOOL STARTS AT 7:50!!!!! (but I would already be at school, eating breakfast)
mystic_memories_ mystic_memories_ Jun 01, 2016
That sounds wrong... Why do i have a dirty mind..😂😏🙀🙀
MykallsCurls MykallsCurls Jun 29, 2016
Wait  their is only one explanation for Selena singing Selena she must be an alien.....or a doppelgänger or whatever