It Led to...

It Led to...

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Meghan Tresca.
She's fun, sweet and beautiful.

Chase Carter.
He's arrogant, conceited and hot.

They both hate each others guts.

What will happen when they just so coincidentally have to work on a play together.

Calling each other nicknames, going to each others houses, having fights, even having some weird romantic moments together.......

What will this story lead to?

MY SCHOOL STARTS AT 7:50!!!!! (but I would already be at school, eating breakfast)
8thVersiion 8thVersiion Jun 01
That sounds wrong... Why do i have a dirty mind..😂😏🙀🙀
Wait  their is only one explanation for Selena singing Selena she must be an alien.....or a doppelgänger or whatever
That's so funny!! They're singing her song!!😅😀🎤🎶
This was my jam you don't even know. People know me as Selena Gomez for thus song.
Same with my sister that takes care of me. Her: "IM NOT A REFEREE!!!" Me: YOU ARE OUR GUARDIAN!!! WE CANT DO EVERYTHING OURSELVES!!!"