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Black butler x reader

Black butler x reader

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prussia22 By prussia22 Completed

What happens when you are from the 21st century and one night you save a person from dying so they give you one wish

imalittleshit imalittleshit May 31, 2016
me : hey, you! What's your username? 
                              Her :  *says username*
                              Me : *search her username, post hate comments on the post and report her*
VioletRose2910 VioletRose2910 Aug 09, 2016
I'd wish to have every power in the universe; to have wings, elemental powers, control time, make dimension portals, etc so I could go everywhere. Then I'd probably ask to be royalty. Boom. And this is why I have no friends ;-;
-DandyLlama -DandyLlama Apr 20, 2016
Dude, that girl makes me wanna throw her off the bridge! I feel sick 😖
imalittleshit imalittleshit May 31, 2016
I wish for two wishes
                              One, I wish I'm smart that I can reach my goals
                              Two, I wish my crush likes me back because I have like him for two years.
                              Goddamit, i'm so selfish😔😞
ZoomZumii ZoomZumii Jun 14, 2016
                              I WOULD SO WISH TO BE IN BLACK BUTLER
                              I'D BE LIKE FEMALE GRELL XD
Anaper2431 Anaper2431 Oct 27, 2015
Into the anime hetalia or black butler can't dicide and maybe  2 extra wishes