Dagger of The Night (a Game of Thrones/ Jon Snow FanFic)

Dagger of The Night (a Game of Thrones/ Jon Snow FanFic)

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Life Is Life. End Of. By Joan-Jett-Rocker Updated Oct 28, 2015

Rhysel knows not of her true name, but she was handed the name of Baelish- not a name she wishes to be accustomed with. At any rate, she strays as far away from her adoptive home as possible with the Night's Watch, whom she has remained with for the last thirteen years since she was five, training and aiding in her bid to become a true warrior. Though she is not often recognised for her fighting, because many of them regard her as 'that whore', she is still hands down one of the greatest fighters the Night's Watch has ever seen. If only all but Jon Snow and Tyrion Lannister could see this.

Now knowing that a great evil threatens, those within the watch must fight together and set aside their differences. And their feelings...

A Game of Thrones FanFiction by myself :) Just today started to feel attracted to Jon Snow, love Tyrion, and have had the Westeros-like name 'Rhysel' stuck in my head for a while... So why not put it all to good use?

He became my 2nd favorite character after he said he's gonna piss of the edge of the world.