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I ran away (HTTYD)

I ran away (HTTYD)

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HiddenShadowXD By HiddenShadowXD Completed

Hiccup, He is 15 years old no one cares about him neither his father, but when someone goes to far, his faith is to run away and never look back. A girl shoots him down and he is soon unconscious, this girl was someone you never thought of. What is Hiccup's faith and what troubles get in his way?

*angrily holds self back from punching Stoick in the face for keeping Hiccup from having friends* I must resist the urge!
Definethisgirl Definethisgirl Nov 19, 2016
Hiccup should be the girl and astrid the guys because you are making hiccup sound girly.
Bailey821 Bailey821 Jul 14, 2016
I almost positive that Fishlegs is Hiccups cousin but I'm not sure about Snotlout.
TheRiseOfMerthur TheRiseOfMerthur Jan 29, 2016
First movie summed up.
                              •Hiccup made friends with a dragon
                              Gets disowned by his father 
                              Does epic stuff with the dragon
                              Gets reowned by his father
                              Gets a girlfriend...
Stoick is swear to god if you didn't turn out alright in the movie I would have killed you.
wolfmoonhowler wolfmoonhowler May 14, 2016
'Strongest chief?' He doesn't deserve that title. I am done with Stoick the vast.