Parenthood (Tony Stark's daughter) #Wattys2017

Parenthood (Tony Stark's daughter) #Wattys2017

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When Tony Stark's ex-girlfriend dies in an accident, he is left with a seven-year-old daughter to take care of. At first Tony isn't too excited about having to raise a little girl, but eventually he sees how innocent and lovely his daughter is. 

With some help of his Avengers friends like Captain America, Black Widow, Thor and more, Tony Stark is on his way to Parenthood.



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KRC216 KRC216 Jan 29
*says nothing* 
                              3 days later 
                              *tonys body is found with a note that says fack you and your child hating self*
I just imagined him trying to lure a puppy to him in a sing-song voice. “Come on maddie!! Be a good puppy, come on! *whistle whistle*” 🙄😒
akaclaudia akaclaudia 6 days ago
I also like it when the daughter is a real adult... like 25 and he calls her when he’s in trouble and she’s like “I’m on my way”
KRC216 KRC216 Jan 29
*again says nothing* 
                              *tonys body is found ripped apart with a note that says this is what happens when you neglect a child*
Tony! You can't put a kid in the orphanage! What do you know? She's gonna be called a freak, then she's gonna split her soul, her nose is gonna fall off and then she's gonna want to kill a baby. NEVER PUT A KID INTO THE ORPHANAGE
This accidental space between the comma and word is triggering me 😳🤯.