The Alpha Got Rejected by His Mate

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Samantha Smith was a sweet and lovely girl. Who fell madly in love with her childhood best friend Alex Wolf. She pours our her feeling to him and feels accepted by the one she truly loves. But what happens when Alex decides to join the 'It' crowd leaving poor Sammy alone in the dust. Not only dose her sweet nature turn sarcastic. She finds it hard to trust people around her. Not only because of Alex. But because of the secret her family has been holding for centuries. 
    Alex is a cocky young werewolf out for lust. He just loves to make love and mess around with girl emotions. But what happens when he turm 18 and it time for him to buckle down. Dose his past mistakes cost him the love of his life?
love it!!! the guy is cowering in front of his mate, who he doesn't even realize.....he'll definitely regret it later.....but you know....maybe i'll start to understand why he went to who he is....
                                    lets continue reading!!! ><
you really need to update real soon cuz i want to know wat happens!!!
                                    so please hurry :(  
                                    ( feeling desperate to read this story )
like the story....but samanthat was kinda a spas back then....
oh god i love that "sorry i don't understand retard" oh god i'm still laughing my a$$ off.
like it so far I'm writing a story similar but have writers block continue at least someone willput this good idea to use