Hidden Secrets in Disney films

Hidden Secrets in Disney films

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Hi i am going to be uploading many hidden secrets from all of the Disney films. Some of them you may have already noticed while watching the movie. I hope you enjoy it and would like to see more.

Here is an example of what will be in each part:

Did you know that at the start of The Princess and the Frog someone is holding Aladdin's carpet. 
How many of you noticed that?

If you find any hidden secrets, feel free to send me them and I'll put them in the book and give credit to you. But could you DM me them so I can get them easier. Thanks. :)

I noticed this.Whenever my little brother saw it happen,he cried.Hans was his favorite character.
I saw that watching Frozen for the second or third time. Rapunzel and Flynn were giving the sisters a visit while taping season two of The Real Housewives of Disney.
PrincessBelly42 PrincessBelly42 5 days ago
Read it on the Internet and now I check them out every time I watch Frozen!
KenzyMostafa3 KenzyMostafa3 4 days ago
i know  it  the first  time  i watched it and flinn became almost like  harry styles
Okay, this is freaking hilarious. (My favorite Hans moment is the shout-out in Frozen Fever, and then when Anna punches him, and then this.)
Plus, I already saw this, and can you do hidden easter eggs in disney movies? Thx if you do.