Hidden Secrets in Disney films

Hidden Secrets in Disney films

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Hi i am going to be uploading many hidden secrets from all of the Disney films. Some of them you may have already noticed while watching the movie. I hope you enjoy it and would like to see more.

Here is an example of what will be in each part:

Did you know that at the start of The Princess and the Frog someone is holding Aladdin's carpet. 
How many of you noticed that?

If you find any hidden secrets, feel free to send me them and I'll put them in the book and give credit to you. But could you DM me them so I can get them easier. Thanks. :)

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NakamuraAoi NakamuraAoi Feb 14
They are somehow connected though... Rapunzel being the being that represents the summer & Elsa the being that represents winter... some people even made theories that they are separated twins #peoplethesedaysTT
lbacker lbacker Jan 07
I like how you think of this stuff and write about it, you should read my story the name of it is Wild it has a picture of a lion on the cover. Its not a very long book but it has pictures
Queen_Rume Queen_Rume Dec 27, 2016
I was watching the movie in class and I like screamed and made the teacher rewind
YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE THEORIES!!!!