My sniper mate (BoyXboy)

My sniper mate (BoyXboy)

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Gaël Irwin Black has been deployed with his team in Afghanistan for the past 6 years. On a rescue mission, he his seriously injured. Now at 27, he's forced to move to crescent valley city. 

Eriu Stonewood his the Alpha of the Bloody Moonwalker Pack. He has everything, but  at 28, he's been searching for his mate for 10 years. New people settle in the old pack house. One day, he feels the biggest pain ever in his bond to his mate.
 What happened to his mate and who are the new peoples in town?

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Kirilynx Kirilynx May 03
That's pretty harsh, no hesitation or softening the news at all
4 time and 3rd time reading it huh.. i was reading 2 other army story's before this one..  and i just bout picked them up 4 to 5 times my self.. soo i'm getting great vibes off the 4th and 3rd time others say they re read this one... lets see what u got hooraa
I'm 5'6... and I'm taller than more than half of the people at my school. People in his unit Must Be Giants
loadingslow loadingslow Sep 06
Um so they don't wear underwear??? Lol everyone is talking bout how 5'6 is short but no one talks about how it says commando
StarmyuDragon StarmyuDragon 6 days ago
Hahaha laughed at the "lonely guard", he must be so alone to be taking watch. Lol
- - Aug 28
5.6? 5' 6"? The height right or am I just being dense? Lol sorry.