My sniper mate (BoyXboy)

My sniper mate (BoyXboy)

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Gaël Irwin Black has been deployed with his team in Afghanistan for the past 6 years. On a rescue mission, he his seriously injured. Now at 27, he's forced to move to crescent valley city. 

Eriu Stonewood his the Alpha of the Bloody Moonwalker Pack. He has everything, but  at 28, he's been searching for his mate for 10 years. New people settle in the old pack house. One day, he feels the biggest pain ever in his bond to his mate.
 What happened to his mate and who are the new peoples in town?

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I think he did the right thing, if I were him I would have wanted it blunt and no hesitation, I hate sugar coating
AllstarrLUV AllstarrLUV Jul 12
Rereading this I realized he couldn't just went with the short version, "GUYS,  CAPTAIN'S AWAKE" but I guess the guys would've missed that huh?? Lol
linnhege84 linnhege84 Aug 22
A wool unit? Well heck, they must be really soft and cuddly. Let me in there.
I love this already. I volunteer to take this man under my wing
regal_grace regal_grace Jun 13
This guy...breaking the news to him like he reading the weather forecast for the day😕
bloodmix bloodmix Jun 08
Wait, hold on a sec. This is way too similar to a story I just read, except, it was a gun narrowly/nearly hitting his spine. Is it me or just a coincidence.