White Wings

White Wings

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Amy Rochelle By WritingMaverick1996 Updated Dec 29, 2016

I swallow hard and open the door, mindful of the sores on my hand. 
It's just Cole. He smiles grimly at me. "Hey." The attempted smile vanishes after that. He stares at my hands. "What happened to you?"
     "Rain," I say, keeping it short.  He nods once and stands straighter so his fourteen-foot wingspan can collapse more comfortably on his back. 
     "There's a new guy in town," he says and I stiffen. "Can you believe it? Actually someone new for a change."   
	"In town....like in the Market?" I ask to clarify. He nods and my heart sinks into my gut. 
     Rilind is an idiot if he thinks he can walk freely in our dark streets. But that isn't what sickens me. It's knowing that my brother is with him. Right now. If Rilind is discovered, my brother is as good as wingless. 


Black. So much black. Our wings. Our clothes. Our sky. Darkness is all we've ever known.  Any mention of Light is forbidden, punishable by life in prison--or worse.  All that changes when a strange man comes to the city.  Not only does he wear a coat of a rare color, but his wings are white.  And if white wings and color are more than just a myth, could the same be said about Light?  But the man did not come to our city by chance.  There was a spoken prophecy from long ago that someone would soon rise up and defeat the Darkness once and for all.  The Darkness already knows what role each of us must play.  Will Light shine in the city?  Or will Darkness win...again?

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