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The Sinner and the Sadist (A Jason Todd/Red Hood Fanfiction)

The Sinner and the Sadist (A Jason Todd/Red Hood Fanfiction)

103K Reads 5.6K Votes 63 Part Story
Kaido❤️💙🔱 By KaidoKurahana Completed

I thought a life of masks was behind me, becoming Gotham's District Attorney. Until he had to protect me. This pretentious asshole; this murderer; this sinner that I love with every sadistic fibre in my heart.
    Venus Meadow is Gotham's young, deadly, elegant, sharp and beautiful District Attorney, called the best the city has had since Harvey Dent.
    This ex-vigilante attracts more attention than she bargained for when two organisations and a particularly motivated old enemy plan to destroy her.
    Resources stretched thin, Batman leaves his capable ally under the protection of the Red Hood, AKA Jason Todd.
    The two disagree on everything, until one factor has them at an understanding; an understanding that leads them from long nights beneath the sheets together, to a relationship.
    Things were never going to be easy for this dangerous mix of sinner and sadist however, when jealousy, previous rivalries, old flames, family, murder and dark pasts begin fighting at the edges of their bond.
    Guns blazing, the two take on the challenge readily; together.
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  •1st Place in Favourite Couple category for Venus Meadow X Jason Todd
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  •2nd Place in Favourite Villain category for Sukiyo Ame

Seventh time 
                              I really need a life 
                              But this book is just so good
Jay-Go Jay-Go Dec 21, 2016
I'm not much of a Phoenix Right fan but everytime I hear that I can see him doing to his pose! XD
wolfgirlontheedge wolfgirlontheedge Oct 16, 2016
This book 📚 is so good 😊 that I am reading 📖 it a second time ⏲ keep up ⬆️ the good 😊 work
mixedprincess150 mixedprincess150 Aug 14, 2016
This is my fourth time reading this book... And I still love it.
all_those_fandoms_ all_those_fandoms_ Oct 10, 2016
Third time rereading 
                              Even tho it makes me cry every time
                              But I still love it
                              Best Jason Todd FanFic I have ever read