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There were three things that Dawn was certain of: 1) she's tall (she stands 5'10 which is really tall for a girl and according to her, well, she's basically a giraffe), 2) her best friend is getting married and 3) she believes that she'll never find true love. 

But things started to change after she spilled hot coffee to this strange man named Eric who is: 1) he's short (he stands 5'7 which is really short for a guy), 2) is actually her neighbor and 3) lost his belief in love.

Will they find their way together to believe in something again?

(Copyright © Flores, Catherine 2015)

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jessie-bear jessie-bear Apr 10, 2017
School trips were the worst for me, the non-existent leg room on the bus was enough to make me hate leaving my house.
FlameTale FlameTale Apr 09
I'm the same as Dawn i'm really tall and people comment about my height all the time also I read books in the middle of the night. Like this book right now! :P
Whateverhappened123 Whateverhappened123 Jun 02, 2017
Im 5'11 and the guy i like is 5'7 so umm useful book thanks author for writing it
gucciwang gucciwang Mar 03, 2017
this dude called me a giraffe in freshman year of hs (junior rn) bc of my height he also said i had a big head  but he can go f u c k  himself
xxXMadeehaXxx xxXMadeehaXxx Nov 04, 2016
OH MY GOD I TOTALLY GET THIS. I was always made to stand last in line cause i am tall :'(
bluebunny1000 bluebunny1000 Oct 12, 2016
5'10" is not that tall. I'm 6'. My moms 5'10". Thats kinda average to me