The Girl Next Door... Well... three doors down.

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Jesme By lovedamienandderrek Updated 3 years ago
James Carter was always the boy with the geeky looks but the personality of a superstar. Girls never gave him a second glance and he was always thought of as the friend but never anything more. He always had his best friend Sophie, who conveniently lived three doors down, and his tight knit group of friends to keep him grounded. But what happens when James goes studying abroad in France for 8 months? When he returns with his new looks and new attitude will things still be as they were before? When hes fast tracked into the world of popularity can he keep his grip on what was there before he left? And dont forget the friends he had since primary school, will they still be as they were 8 months ago or will they have moved on without him?
i love James, I've always had a thing for bad boys...hint to anyone out there!!! haha but great desciptions and nice plot!
Awesome first chapter! I love how James was a total badass and the descriptions are great! I love it so far! I would fix the format a bit, so it won't be in just one big paragraph, tho.
There are great words used in here! It can be hard to read because it is just one giant block of words. Maybe you could break it into paragraphs?
I really like the unusual yet cute concept, good details, there's errors. Liam is rated A-face for it.. XD :) Love it!
Uh oh! James is gonna be in I thought this had great characterization - the scene between James and Liam (who is a total f*ckwit by the way) was really good. There a just a few grammatical things, like some places where I would change the commas for periods.
Wow! I love this!! *added to library and voted* definitely reading on;)