Sold: Survival (Will be rewritten for Radish)

Sold: Survival (Will be rewritten for Radish)

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Vanessa By vanessapiccolo Updated Aug 28, 2016

Read at your own risk. THIS WILL BE REWRITTEN FOR RADISH. You can find it on there!

This story was discontinued, but I have had several requests to leave it up. 

***this story contains strong violent and sexual content***

I sat in the foyer waiting on Liam to come downstairs. I couldn't wait to get back to Germany and have this insanity end. Still, I wasn't sure of what we were walking into. Liam felt it was best to confront the council in person, but I was skeptical. He knew who was behind my attack and who went to Azrael for help, but he was going to give them the opportunity to confess. I didn't think it was wise. There were so many things that could go wrong. Death being the obvious thing. I didn't want to die especially knowing I would have to see Azrael so soon. 

It had only been a couple days, but it felt like a lifetime since I had seen him. I heard what Liam said about it getting better, but in those two days I certainly could not see the light at the end of the tunnel. I thought about Azrael every time I was alone. Thankfully, Liam tried to keep me occupied, but he was still busy

HeyitsSarah04 HeyitsSarah04 May 22, 2016
Moment ruined.....
                              And daaammnnn. Cocky much??
BetterReflection BetterReflection Jul 23, 2016
My mind is blown. That's heartbreaking. To fall in love with another girl!!!!??? He was the one who literally her to come back to him!! This book has be second guessing everything, I literally can't stop reading
kiaraesquibel kiaraesquibel May 06, 2016
Idk if it's short and stupid I just wanna read more of this book
flawlessmushroom flawlessmushroom Feb 03, 2016
Nah niqqa ur in love with that girl just like u were in love with Anna-.- she gonna give up and ur gonna move on to the next vagina-_-
rkym520 rkym520 Oct 15, 2016
Its ok not to be okay don't lose who u r in the blur of the stars
jasmynev jasmynev Dec 31, 2016