Sold: Survival

Sold: Survival

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Vanessa By vanessapiccolo Updated Nov 29, 2017

Read at your own risk. It is a VERY slow update. 

This story was discontinued, but I have had several requests to leave it up. 

***this story contains strong violent and sexual content***

I sat in the foyer waiting on Liam to come downstairs. I couldn't wait to get back to Germany and have this insanity end. Still, I wasn't sure of what we were walking into. Liam felt it was best to confront the council in person, but I was skeptical. He knew who was behind my attack and who went to Azrael for help, but he was going to give them the opportunity to confess. I didn't think it was wise. There were so many things that could go wrong. Death being the obvious thing. I didn't want to die especially knowing I would have to see Azrael so soon. 

It had only been a couple days, but it felt like a lifetime since I had seen him. I heard what Liam said about it getting better, but in those two days I certainly could not see the light at the end of the tunnel. I thought about Azrael every time I was alone. Thankfully, Liam tried to keep me occupied, but he was still busy

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beautyofsadness beautyofsadness Jul 17, 2017
BITCH I CALLED THIS OMG i loved azrael so much though somebody hepp mee
BekTec5 BekTec5 May 12, 2017
Wait, does this tie back to her killing the doctor , or was that out of rage? 
                              I think I'm confusing myself at this point, bc it's obvious she got the mark after that whole ordeal. MY BRAIIIIN.
magneticmegxoxo magneticmegxoxo Nov 04, 2017
I also had insomnia. I started taking melatonin on a regular basis and could finally get a solid 4-6 hours of sleep depending on how long I didn't sleep for. Sleeping med don't really work too well for insomnia. Good luck hunny.
bserpas bserpas Jun 01, 2017
I'm sorry. That's rough! I know it's been a while since you've wrote this. But I hope it's gotten better!
kiaraesquibel kiaraesquibel May 06, 2016
Idk if it's short and stupid I just wanna read more of this book
rkym520 rkym520 Oct 15, 2016
Its ok not to be okay don't lose who u r in the blur of the stars