It's okay...I'm a monster too ( Daddy Bruce Banner/ Hulk Fanfic)

It's okay...I'm a monster too ( Daddy Bruce Banner/ Hulk Fanfic)

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Maya is a young orphan girl that is unwanted due to what she has inside. When she was just a baby, her parents experimented on her for their amusement. They never wanted a child, so they ejected Maya in some kind of chemical. What the parents didn't know is when Maya gets a bit older and gets a tempered she shape shift into any animal in command. The parents freak out that they created a monster an dump the young girl into the forest to get eaten. 

" Sweetie....who left you here....," Bruce asked when Maya woke up to see she was inside a cabin as she look at Bruce.

" My mommy and daddy....," Her caramel eyes meet with Bruce's brown eyes. Bruce frown as he went on one knee.

" Did they tell you that they would be back....," Maya stay quiet as she play with her small fingers. 

" No...they didn't want me anymore," Just by staring at those sad caramel eyes, Bruce's heart broke and wanted to take her with him but is scared that the other guy will hurt her.

" Sweetie....I would like to take you in," He bit his lip as her caramel eyes shine with hope. 

" But....I am afraid....," He whispers.

" Why are you afraid sir....," She ask curiously. 

" Because....I have a monster living in me," He said only wanting to scare her but what she said next shock him to the core.

" It's okay...I'm a monster too," She said immediately having Bruce and the Hulk's hearts in her tiny little hands. 

      What's going to happen when Bruce gets asked to join the Avengers. Would he take Maya with him or deny the Avengers to keep Maya and her secret safe.

- Started on May 03, 2015
- Completed on September 19, 2015

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lunatherian lunatherian Dec 24, 2017
Okay. Bruce is now reminding me of David Banner from Hulk (2003).
Carlislelover400 Carlislelover400 Dec 23, 2017
This is so wrong plus it reminds me of the movie super dog.. I wonder how people like this can be so cruel to innocent lives no matter if their human beings or animals this is so wrong
KasiePotter KasiePotter Dec 26, 2017
                              Parents: X_X
                              Me:YEAH I DID IT!
                              ALL I DO IS WIN,WIN, WIN,
                              NO  MATTER  WHAT!
Emma6013 Emma6013 Dec 23, 2017
A + parenting skills, guys. Beautiful job. In all honesty, try to refrain from acting like dicks and if you don't want me to chop your head off, I would encourage you to at least be on Odin's level. He at least sort of cared.
BlueNight7265 BlueNight7265 Nov 30, 2017
Wait now you care about her after you just said it was alright to experiment on her....ok then
ThatBabyQuinnDoh ThatBabyQuinnDoh Dec 23, 2017
Waiting for Masky or Jeff to pop up and DEVOUR THESE SACKS OF SH-