Soulmates [Shuuneki/Tsukikane Fanfic]

Soulmates [Shuuneki/Tsukikane Fanfic]

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Vulpix ♡ Eevee By DestinyGirlz Completed

.:Written for @Fanfic's Slash Contest:.

In this world the term 'soulmate' has a very literal and true meaning. For every person they have one; another half of their being and one that their heart will beat for only.

For half-ghoul Kaneki Ken, he didn't believe that his rare case of hybrid could have one... But one fated meeting at a coffee shop would change that as suddenly ghoul Tsukiyama Shuu finds a new flavor in life. One to complete him in every possible way.

AU. Written by DestinyGirlz and ShatteredPrism. Cover by DestinyGirlz.

If hearts could sprout rainbows and shoot glitter canons of love and fangirling surely my heart is doing it now😍
- - Jun 12
The last sentence is repeated. Also, YOUR WRITING SKILLS ARE INCREDIBLE. My compliments!
Can people actually smoke coffee?? The way my idiotic mind works is beyond me
if you wanna complement a friend (no homo) but you don't want that friendship to end (no homo) to tell a dude just how you feel (no homo) say 'no homo' so he knows the deal (no homo)
- - Jun 12
I freaking love this. I hope there's going to be a lemon soon. :)
Ton français est tres bon! :D
                              Your French is really good! :D