Summer Rain

Summer Rain

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"Together we were like summer rain. Rare and indescribable unless you feel it for yourself.."

When Avalina Bennett and her family spent the summer at the Beaumont Country Club, she was sure her summer had been ruined before it even started. Her brother had dropped out of University and had turned to a rebellious party lifestyle. Her parents spent more time arguing than they did controlling every part of her life, and her younger sister was in the running for "Brat of the Century". All she wanted was a peaceful summer with no trouble, but while her Father smiled his way into getting a promotion and her Mother tried to pair her with the Club Owner's son, Avalina couldn't imagine handling an entire summer there.

Cue Elliot Black. Sweet, sexy, sophisticated employee at the club who just happened to be the reason she stayed.

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chick_2003 chick_2003 Jan 01
This is the only cast that actually looks good.from the books I've read I even saw a character who looked like he sold tacos on a street corner 2 for 1 dollar.
randomturtle102 randomturtle102 Aug 24, 2016
How did u make the video? I'm trying to make one myself and I'm so lost
Sydney_Alyse Sydney_Alyse Oct 22, 2016
Summer is pretty much the only time we get rain in southern Arizona
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angeliqueluvlouis angeliqueluvlouis Jun 17, 2016
Amazing effort put into this book.:) Absolutely agree that the character should be daniel sharman.*lowkey fangirling* and I cant wait to binge read this book.
Its like the movie dirty dancing but without the dancing i it already